New to Packaging Compliance?

Businesses which exceed the thresholds are known as ‘obligated producers’, and need to take steps to comply with the Producer Responsibility Regulations.

Each year you need to;

  • register with the Environment Agency by 7th April
  • collect data on packaging
  • calculate annual tonnages for packaging handled
  • register this data with the Environment Agency
  • meet your recycling and recovery obligations with PRN procurement
  • obtain evidence of compliance
  • submit a Certificate of Compliance by 31st January

Or you can join a Compliance Scheme; as an Enpack member you would only need to submit annual tonnages, which we can assist you with.

As a government approved compliance scheme the remainder of your obligations are transferred and Enpack takes over the legal obligations of each members and protects them from legal prosecution due to non-compliance.

If an obligated company fails to register, they will be seen to be failing to comply with the Producer Responsibility (Packaging Waste) Regulations.

If you fail to meet your legal obligations, or provide false or misleading information, you may face prosecution under criminal law.  

If your company hasn’t registered with the Regulations, but should have, Enpack is well placed to assist with any enforcement undertakings and full support can be provided through the steps involved in getting you compliant with the Regulations.

Already registered and need support?

As an independent scheme, which only specialises in packaging compliance you will receive all of the support you need to understand and manage your submissions.

It is important that you get the correct advice from the start; this includes reviewing your current methodologies and meeting all of the people involved in compliance.

We find that most companies we have been invited into have been over-obligating, double counting and very often entering their information incorrectly.

Enpack aim to make the whole compliance process hassle free, saving you time and effort, which can be spent on other areas of your business.

You can contact us for a chat or we are quite happy to visit you at your site to discuss your individual requirements.

Moving from another scheme?

If you are currently a member of another compliance scheme we can assist with the transition to ensure the smooth switching of contracts between schemes.