Packaging compliance costs vary depending from business to business dependant on legal structure, annual turnover and the size of the total obligation calculated from the amount and type of packaging handled.

The financial cost of compliance can be broken down into three elements:

  • Compliance Scheme Fee
  • Environment Agency Fee
  • Packaging Recovery Note Fee

Compliance Scheme Fee

This is an annual fee, payable to register and become a member of the Enpack Packaging Compliance Scheme.

Environment Agency Fees

  • Annual Registration Fee

             There is an annual fee determined by the Environment Agency for registration each year;

             £345 Small producer registration, company turnover between  £2m – £5m

             £546 Standard producer registration, company turnover  >£5m

  • Subsidiary Fees

             For companies who have subsidiaries, the additional fees as detailed below apply:

             1st to 4th                     –                       £180 each

             5th to 20th                  –                       £90 each

            21st +                          –                       £45 each

  • Additional Fees

            The Environment Agency charge additional fees late registration at £110 and data re-submission at £220.

Packaging Recovery Note Fees

A PRN is a certificate to prove that one tonne of packaging waste in a certain material has been recycled. They are required to offset your obligation, with the money from PRN purchases being used to fund recycling within the UK. As a Compliance Scheme Enpack would calculate your PRN requirement, take on your obligation and obtain the PRN’s on your behalf.