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National Waste Strategy

The National Waste Strategy is a policy of the United Kingdom Parliaments intended to foster a move of sustainability in waste management. This strategy sets out material resources will be preserved by minimising waste, promoting resource efficiency and moving towards a circular economy in England, with businesses and manufacturers to pay the full cost of recycling or disposing of their packaging waste.

Packaging Waste Regulations

If your business or organisation produces or uses packaging, or sells packaged goods, you may be classed as an obligated packaging producer. Obligated packaging producers must follow rules which help to reduce the amount of packaging produced in the first place, how much goes to landfill and   increase the amount of packaging waste that’s recycled and recovered.

The Consumer Information Obligations

The Consumer Information Obligations (CIO) were introduced as part of the Packaging Waste Regulations in March 2000.  They place a responsibility on every company who supply packaging to an end user, to provide end users with certain information, whether this be business to business or business to consumers.

This information includes:

  • The return, collection and recovery systems available to them
  • Their role in the recovery and recycling of packaging waste
  • The meaning of any packaging symbols
  • Relevant parts of the National Waste Strategy, including how to reduce waste

You can find all the information here:

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